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In Pakistan, work in the field of HRM begun during the 60’s. But it did not come under the lime light due to lack of awareness and due to the presence of an uncongenial environment for its nourishment. Work done during the 90’s was noticed; researches were conducted, academia got active and introduced courses of HR. Furthermore, the government started some initiatives for the development of human resources. At the governmental level important steps were taken especially during 1997. Management professionals were hired and were taken on board to reform the HR culture. Another significant step in this regard was taken in 2002 when the ‘National Commission for Human Development’ was formed. For the purpose of Human Resource Development government formed a separate ministry called ‘Ministry of Human Resource Development’. It offers training and conducts workshops to highlight the importance of HRD. The so called ‘2010 program’ introduced substantial changes at the governance level and recommended changes in the system of HRM.

Labor policy plays a very vital role in HRM as it deals with the matters of HR. Since the inception of the country in 1947 five labor policies had been framed. The present labor policy was announced in 2010 by the ‘Ministry of Labor and Manpower’. According to it, the minimum wage rate is set at 7000 PKR, which was 6000 PKR previously. Furthermore, the minimum amount of pension has been raised from 3000 PKR to 3600 PKR. In 2012, the government revised salaries; the minimum wage is set at 8000 PKR. With the effect of ‘Labor policy 2010’ the draconian ‘Labor Ordinance 2000’ ceased to exist. Moreover, it recognized employees as stake holders in the public sector by awarding them 10 percent share. Apart from the initiatives which were taken by the government for the development of HR, many NGOs and other regional organizations are also working for the development of HR by providing avenues of training for HR professionals from their pulpits. In 1988 the SAARC Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC) was established in Islamabad. SHRDC is working for providing training and taking other initiatives for enabling the country’s massive HR to handle the challenges of the new global business age. Furthermore, it patronizes research in the field of HR. Albeit, these steps have given rise to the study of the field of HR in academic circles but this field in Pakistan is still in its infancy.