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Being an HR professional I am in the tenth year of my carrier. I divide my carrier into two halves. The first halve is the one when I was behaving like a paternal figure for the human resources. Now in the second halve of my carrier I am acting more like an advisor. Let me share it with you what factors made me choose the path of behaving like an advisor towards employees.

During the first half of my carrier I was guiding the employees at every step. By keeping their strengths and skills in mind I myself was deciding for them what they are going to do. At some occasions I even ignored what they were interested in doing; I did this in order to stop them from making wrong choices. In other words I was enforcing my decisions on them in the light of their skills, performance, strengths, behavior and qualifications. I was organizing skills and capacity building training for them to enable them to achieve their targets. I was creating such an encouraging environment around them that supported them to accomplish the given targets. It would not be wrong to say that I was making things less challenging for them. Losing an employee was a matter of life and death for me. In order to retain employees I was organizing personal consoling, interviews, surveys, training & educational opportunities etc. In the pursuit of creating a favorable environment for the growth of employees I convinced the top management to go for performance based promotion policy and to implement a succession plan. This move made the strategic position holders of the organization my arch rivals.

I was doing everything for the benefit of employees and organization. My purpose was to keep the employees motivated, engaged and loyal with the organization. In return the staff was performing at their best capacity. Employee turnover rate hit the minimum levels in the history of the company. Apparently everything seemed fine but in my opinion I was making some mistakes. I was providing an incubator like environment for the growth of employees. Strategies crafted by me were protecting them from distractions and problems. Actually I was putting success in their plates at the place of letting them earn it. Furthermore, my decision to guide them at every step was also wrong. Actually unconsciously I was making them dependent upon me. Furthermore, I was leaving fewer opportunities for them to learn from their mistakes. I was growing stronger than others due to my concern and contact with the workers. It was in my benefit but was destabilizing the overall power balance.

I reconsidered my past behavior; actually I was behaving like a father with the employees. I reviewed everything and reached on the conclusion that I must behave like an advisor not like a father. I started paying attention on strengthening rules and regulations relating to training, employee engagement and employee consoling. I suggested to the top management it must be incumbent upon every departmental manager, supervisor and team lead to stay in touch with their sub-ordinates in order to minimize the communication gaps. Situation in the next year was much better. Organizational rules and regulations were more supreme than the officials. I was doing most of the things that I had been doing in the past but I was acting like an advisor. I was putting every effort for the organization and for the workers under the cloak of regulations.