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Problems such as: low productivity, high employee turnover and dissatisfied workforce has given rise to the subject of employee interaction. Employee interaction plans are meant for increasing interaction among employees of different roles and different functions. Benefits of employee interaction are as following:

•           Employee satisfaction increases.

•           Employee turnover decreases, good talent gets attracted.

•           Collaborative environment nourishes.

•           Status differences within the organization reduce.

•           Performance of human resources improves.

•           Helps to avoid mutual disagreements.

There are different tools that organizations can use to improve employee interaction.

•           At first a formal plan for employee interaction should be developed.

•           Once the plan is developed it must be enforced and followed by the top management.

•           Open meetings are quite effective in this regard.

•           Employee consoling helps to increase interaction.

•           Surveys are also useful tools for developing connections.

•           Occasional get together and annual dinners.