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Capacity to give rewards, higher position, possession of such skills that are critical for business, control over monetary resources and access to information are common sources of power at work places.  At workplaces some are more powerful whereas others are less. Those who have power must use it in a careful manner for achieving organizational goals. If power is not used in a responsible manner it may prove to be disastrous.

Misuse of power stirs employees to resist. Resistance may be overt as well as covert. Work place deviance is a common form of resistance. Stealing, fraud, stop working or not working at full capacity, keeping rude behavior with others, not obeying official rules and violation of official timings are few examples of deviance. Statistics show that businesses suffer losses of forty billion dollars due to theft by employees; moreover, absence without reason causes losses of thirty billion dollars. Work place deviance causes losses of two hundred billion dollars to businesses every year.  

Now we will look into the film in order to understand deeply that how misuse of power leads towards deviance. The group V.P misuses his power in order to screw the employees he does not like. Peter, who is the lead character, comes late at work due to the fact that the V.P is stopping Peter’s promotion and calls him to work on weekends. Peter goes  against the organizational rules and dismantles his cubical. Moreover, he steals money from the company’s account. He along with Sameer and Michael Bolton, other characters, corrupts the computer system for stealing money. Above mentioned glimpses of the film are classic examples of the work place deviance that happens due to misuse of power.  


Power must be exercised in a responsible manner in the light of organizational rules and regulations. Responsible use of power may avoid many confrontations.  Holder of the power should try to influence behavior of others by having the authority of reward and punishment in his hand but must refrain from drawing unnecessary fire.  Many times it is assumed that power is bad but in reality situation is inverse it depends on the person who uses power that how he uses it. Basically to have power is not a bad thing, in an organization some people are supposed to have more power and authority over others so that they may make others work for the achievement of goals.