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What is Social Media Centre of Excellence (CoE):

Social Media Centre of Excellence (CoE) refers to a group of people, team, facility, section, branch, department or division of a business that is responsible for providing purpose, leadership, policies, strategies, resources, research, assistance and education regarding the implementation and use of social media.


  • It is a centralized platform that manages and organizes initiatives relating to social media. 
  • CoE educates employees and business units about benefits of social media.
  • It helps units to deploy and take initiatives relating to social media.
  • Organizational policies in terms of social media are developed and disseminated by it.


  • Assessment & Analysis: Assessment and analysis of the needs of business and stakeholders is conducted by CoE.  
  • Planning: Helping organizations to develop purpose of the social media initiatives, development of mission, vision and charter in this regard, development of social media policy
  • Budgeting: CoE develops and allocates budget for different activities in this regard.
  • Training: Training is provided to employees by CoE for using social media in order to avoid crisis that may cause harm to the good will of business.
  • Management & Monitoring: Management of the operations in this regard is also conducted by CoE.


  • CoE makes it possible for companies to share knowledge with employees and units from a single platform.
  • With the help of CoE it becomes easier to build common policies and standard metrics.
  • It becomes possible to lead from a central hub. Leadership can share its vision from one platform.
  • Management and accountability becomes easier.
  • It aids to provide a meaningful and consistent social experience to customers.
  • It becomes easier to establish interaction among customers and influencers for the benefit of business.
  • Sharing of best practices becomes very easier.
  • Employees can be trained from a single platform.
  • Organizational performance increases.
  • Cost is reduced.
  • With its help coordination and cooperation within organization increases.
  • Employees are encouraged and trained to use social media that may prove to be useful for business. As employees remain engage, become creative by sharing and reading new ideas and spread awareness about the products of their companies.
  • Standardization and maturity of processes of social media becomes possible.